Strong relationships are the foundation of Pearson Jones’ dealings with our clients. Before we make any recommendations we spend time building an understanding, learning about you, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve.

We will create for you a personalised Wealth Management Service. This is not one off investment advice or tax planning, but a tailored and coordinated strategy that aims to achieve your financial goals both now and in the future. The work we do in creating your Wealth Management Service is entirely independent: we provide only unbiased, holistic and unrestricted advice.

To ensure that the advice we give is right for you and of the highest standard, we follow a proven process which defines your experience with us. This process not only ensures you receive the best possible advice but allows for the flexibility that naturally comes as your circumstances change over time.


1. Initial Meeting

This initial meeting is at our expense and it is where we get to know you – and you us. It starts with a conversation, where you may share with us your financial goals and any concerns or ideas you may have for your future.

We’ll do most of the listening, building a relationship and understanding that ensures we provide advice that’s tailored for you.

2. Wealth planning meeting

At this stage we’ll understand more about your situation. It may not always be the case but usually we’ll have investigated your current situation in more detail using the information you shared with us at the initial meeting.

3. Research and recommendations

This is the work we do behind the scenes on your behalf. This work is undertaken by the specialist teams within our business with the aim of creating your bespoke Wealth Plan.

4. Presentation meeting

This is where we meet to present our recommendations for your Wealth Plan. At this stage, there will be further discussion to ensure the plan reflects our discussions and your goals. It is important that you fully understand our recommendations and we take the opportunity to question and amend the plan if required. As your circumstances change, this understanding will allow us to work together in evolving the plan over future years.

5. Implementation

This is where we make the agreed recommendations a reality – rather than burden you it’s for us to handle the paperwork. We’ll make sure you are kept in the picture at all times and if you have any questions at any stage we’ll make sure we’re on hand to answer them.

6. Ongoing reviews

It’s important that we meet on a regular basis to review your Wealth Plan. We will meet most clients on an annual basis, for some it may be more frequent, for others less so. It depends on what is right for you and we’ll agree the frequency of review meetings as part of our recommendations, so you can be clear on exactly what to expect.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investment values can fall as well as rise. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future.